Price changes

Due to sustained changes in the cost of supply, pricing is changing on October 1st as follows:

TLD Old price New price Change

Pricing is:


Metaname operates a "cost-plus" pricing model where markup is fixed. We try to maintain the same final prices even as the underlying costs change but sometimes those costs change so much that TLDs begin to make a loss, which is unsustainable.


We've held our markup at the same level since 2009 even though the value in real terms of that markup has become less every year. In effect, prices have been reduced year on year to provide a stable final price. We're fixing that now rather than later because final prices are changing anyway due to supply cost increases.

Goods costing $10 in 2009 now cost $12 on average for the same goods in 2020.

The wholesale price of .nz names

InternetNZ is increasing the wholesale price of .nz domain names on October 1st after a similar period of consistent pricing as opposed to annual price rises in line with inflation.

The wholesale price is changing from $15+GST per domain per year to $18+GST per domain per year.

This affects only .nz names.

Relative strength of the New Zealand Dollar

TLDs priced in USD cost more the stronger the USD is against NZD even though domain names at Metaname have prices fixed in NZD. The US Dollar is now stronger on average over the last 12 months against the NZD since the last price change.

The rate that Metaname uses internally to convert USD to NZD is increasing to better reflect the true cost of domain names priced in USD.

This only affects non-NZ names.