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Metaname have transformed our experience of dealing with domain registration. We have a portfolio of hundreds of domains and our previous provider scarcely ever replied to any requests, nor updated information on their website, despite numerous bugs. By contrast Metaname are swift to respond to any query, frequently ask if their service can be improved and always come up with a solution to suit. We are impressed and are hoping to transfer all our hosting to be with them imminently.
Mouli and Tika, babelscribe.com

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About Metaname

Metaname was created in 2009 to provide a domain name registrar that just works so you can get on with what you do. Metaname offers many domain name services not found elsewhere in New Zealand yet is surprisingly easy to use.

Metaname is a .nz authorised domain name registrar based in Christchurch, New Zealand.