The more names that you have at Metaname, the less you pay for each:

number of domains
TLD 0-15 16-127 128-511 512-1023 1024+ notes
.nz$30.00$26.40$24.00$21.60$19.20monthly billing available
.au$32.00$28.40$26.00$23.60$21.20min. term 2 years

Other TLDs may be supported upon request. Please e-mail us at and ask us about the TLD in which you are interested.

Prices are in NZ$ exclusive of GST per name per year. Where a minimum registration term applies, the price is still quoted per year.

Prices do not include making changes that can be made via the web site. Please see our Managed domain names service.


There is no charge to transfer in .nz names.

Non-NZ names such as .com, .net and others are renewed ( for which the usual charges apply) for the minimum term ( typically 12 months - see the table above) when transferred between registrars however this is not really a charge for transferring because as with any other renewal, the period for which the name has been registered is extended.

Registrations and renewals

New names must be paid for within four days of registration otherwise they will be cancelled.

Names can be set up so that they are renewed automatically at term. There must be enough credit in your Metaname account in advance of the renewal otherwise names will be cancelled.

Included as standard

DNS hosting and HTTP redirection are available for use with every domain name at no charge, although if you want to handle that yourself or have someone else do so then that's fine.

We don't charge for modifications to your contact details or name servers.

Payment methods

Metaname accounts are maintained as pre-paid accounts from which registrations and renewals are debited.

There are three ways to top up your account:

Credit or debit cards may be used for one-off top-ups in which case no card details are stored, or may be stored for hands-off billing whereupon card details are held only at the payment gateway. PayPal and card issuers levy transaction fees on all payments made via them although such payments are credited to your Metaname account instantly. Credit or debit cards or PayPal are best for urgent top-ups.

NZ bank transfers are free and are typically credited to your Metaname account on the next business day although may take longer especially over weekends and public holidays.

The account details for bank transfers are:

Account number
03 0855 0577999 000 (Use a "00" suffix if your bank won't accept a three-digit suffix.)
Account name
Amiton Ltd
( Your four character Metaname account reference)
Please sign in to top up your account.